Zohar – How does my soul look like? Interesting secrets about fire – Part 7

April 4, 2018 at 11:23 AM

Page 74/A – Parashat Yitro – Part 7

Have you ever wondered how our soul looks like? how many levels and components does the soul has? and which part of the soul in responsible for what?

Also, What is the root of fire and when was the fire created?

All this and much more in this class..

Zohar in English by Rabbi Alon Anava

This class was recorded on the 23rd of Shevat 5778 כ׳ג שבט תשע׳ח (February 7th 2018) at the Ma’ayan Ganim Yeshivah in Tzfat

Duration of class: 1:08:05







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