Speak as G-d Speaks – Parashat Eikev

“… To love G-d, your G-d, to walk in all His ways, and to cleave to Him…” (Devarim 11:22)G-d is called “merciful”—so too, you should be merciful. G-d is called “gracious” as it says, “G-d, merciful and gracious” (Tehilim 145:8)—so too, you should be gracious… —Sifri

The Sifri explains the commandment to walk in G-d’s ways as an obligation to emulate the kind and just ways which the Torah attributes to G-d, such as patience and compassion.

Our Sages taught, “The word of G-d is like an accomplished act (see Rashi, Beraishis 15:18).” According to the above Sifri, it can be suggested that we are obligated to emulate this attribute as well, by ensuring that our words will be effective, and not remain empty rhetoric.

To accomplish this, our Sages have taught the following strategies.

Rule one: “Words spoken from the heart enter the heart (See Shela”h 69a).” Be sincere.

Rule two: “If one is filled with the fear of G-d his words are heeded (Berachot 6b)”. If you actively live a G-d fearing life, then not only will your words penetrate the hearts of your listeners, but your suggestions will actually be followed.

Emulating G-d, your words too can be as easily done as they are said.

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