A Seat for G-d, A Stage for Mankind – Parashat Vayeira

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“…..And Avraham named that place – “G-od shall see”, so it is said to this day: on the mountain, G-od will be seen….” – Bereishit 22:14

״…ויקרא אברהם שם המקום ההוא ה׳ יראה אשר יאמר היום בהר ה׳ יראה…״ – בראשית כב,יד

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Avraham’s prayers were granted. The location of the Akeida, the Binding of Yitzchak, was chosen by G-d as the place of the mizbei’ach, the altar in the Beis Hamikdash. The Beis Hamikdash would be designated as both the epicenter of Divine worship, “a House for G-d, prepared for sacrifices to be offered within,” as well as, “where we celebrate three times a year (Rambam, Beis Habechirah 1:1)” – where G-d would be seen, perceived by all the pilgrims to Jerusalem for the holidays.

These two themes in the Beis Hamikdash reflect two fundamental aspects of Jewish belief that the episode of the Akeida served to establish.

In the words of the Rambam (Moreh Nevuchim 3:24): “[The Akeidah] informs us the extent of love and awe of G-d… The angel, therefore, said to him [Avraham], ‘For now I know that you fear G-d’ (22:12). That is, from this action, for which you deserve to be truly called a G-d fearing man, all people shall learn how far we must go in the fear of G-d.” Secondly, the Akeida “informs us the degree to which the prophets are certain about their revelations from G-d in prophecy… Avraham agreed to offer his only and beloved son as he was commanded, even though this command came in a dream or a vision… He would not have done so if he had even the slightest doubt about the vision’s veracity.”

The devotion to G-d that Avraham inspired in the world through his readiness to sacrifice his son at G-d’s request set the location of the Akeida as the stage for mankind’s highest form of Divine worship – the sacrifices which were offered on the mizbei’ach.

The faith in G-dly revelation through prophecy that was inspired by Avraham’s confidence in the command of the Akeida earned the place of the Akeida the designation as the seat of G-d’s future revelation and manifestation.

—Likutei Sichos vol. 30, pp. 73-74


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