The Seasons: A Cycle of Growth

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“…Safeguard the month of spring, and offer a Pesach to G-d…” – Devarim 16:1

We are commanded to set up the calendar in a manner that ensures that the holiday of Pesach will always be in the spring. The season of spring and its symbolism teach us a most uplifting and inspirational lesson.

Throughout the winter, the earth’s processes of growth lie dormant; almost no sign of plant life is visible at all. With the onset of spring, it becomes suddenly apparent that the winter was merely a temporary pause to allow for nature’s rejuvenation and renewal. Now, a fresh season of blossoming and growth can begin.

This idea relates to the holiday of Pesach as well. Bnei Yisrael suffered bitterly in Egypt, restricted and enslaved both physically and spiritually for many years. Only later was the exile in Egypt revealed to have been “a crucible” and refinery (see Devarim 4:20, Rashi) enabling and readying the Jewish people to receive the Torah from G-d a mere fifty days later.

The same is true in the life of the individual. If we ever experience what seems to be an unfruitful period in life, and our ability to grow seems stunted and dead, we must trust and be certain that this is not the reality. This temporary break can and will serve to replenish and reinvigorate us, allowing and helping us to ultimately blossom and flourish. We must remember that the freshness of spring is thanks to the dullness of winter.


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