The ten sephirot and the land of Israel

December 24, 2018 at 9:12 AM
Questions and AnswersThe ten sephirot and the land of Israel
Ari zuker asked 1 year ago

Hi Alon i have a question about the land of israel and holy places. Have you ever heard in kabbalah or talmud that the 10 sephirot may correspond to places in Israel. I have been looking at the map of israel lately and have noticed lots of coincidences. For example jerusalem being the navel of the world . Hebron being yesod. Shehem being tiferet and safed and meron being chochma and bina. This would make the idra rabba daat where the zohar was written. Pretty mind blowing. Just wondering if you heard such things before? Also i recently had a near death experience and after watching your video i noticed much of the same experience . I saw demons and a bad spirit in the land. It was told to me that the birds nest apoken about in shmot of the zohar refers to the upper galilee. Safed being chochma which is one bird or cherub of the ark of the covenant. Meron being the second bird or cherub which is bina and keter flows through daat which is the idra rabba. This is why moshiach appears here first before going to jerusalem. The birds appear as demons to those unclean and those who are clean appear as angelic. I was also told that kadita may be shiloh since it is east of bet el (meron) jacobs dream pillar can be found there above the shammai tomb. Any information about the land and the sefirot would be helpful thank you

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Rabbi Yosef Karpman answered 1 year ago

Im familiar with R.Avraham azulais writings which mention different sefirotic correspondences in different places throughout erets  yisrael.
If that is something that interests you then perhaps picking up a copy of Hesed L’Avraham so help satisfy your interest.
Best Wishes 
R.Yosef Karpman