Souls of non-Jewish children with autism

July 20, 2016 at 7:40 PM
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Jennifer Ionescu asked 3 years ago

 Kavod Harav Anava,
I am a bat Noach, raising my children as Benei Noach. Both of my children have autism, but they can read, write, and speak. My daughter is 21 and my son is 19. My son’s autism limits his speech severely but he can communicate. Because of the severity of their disabilities, they both still live with me. Both my son and my daughter can pray the Shema in Hebrew and also pray before eating in Hebrew. I try to teach them about Hashem as much as I can. We read tehillim and the Perek Shirah and we listen to your lectures on Youtube. I know my daughter understands that there is only One G-d, the G-d of Israel, but I worry about my son. He attends a special school for young adults with disabilities during the day. He is influenced by things he sees outside of our home and things he hears outside our home as well.  Although I do not teach him Xtianity, sometimes he says the name of the false one, or sings a song he has heard about the false one. I don’t know how to handle it and I worry. I know that his understanding is limited because of his disability, but I want to be sure that His soul is safe, and that he will not be found guilty of avodah zarah before Hashem. My children and I await the geula and pray for the geula. My children’s father, (we have been divorced since 2005), is a gentile. He had come to the point where he said he would convert to Judaism with us and we had moved to Chicago to convert Orthodox, but he turned back to Shituf. I worry about the eternity of my children even more than I worry about my own eternity. What should I do to help my son? I don’t even know if he understands what he is saying when he says the name of the false one or sings a song he has heard about the false one.
Thank you, in advance, for your reply and for your kindness in making videos to teach us. May Hashem bless you and your family.
Jennifer Brigman Ionescu

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 3 years ago


It is G-d’s will how we are all created, and if G-d creates someone with a disability, he does not and will not judge him for mistakenly doing or saying something. So don’t worry that your son will be found guilty of avodah zarah.

See if you can find a different place for him to go, but if there is no other option, make sure that at home you provide him with more spirituality. Make sure he eats Kosher (including you and your daughter). You can have both your son and daughter give charity on a daily base, even just putting 25 cents into a charity box.

Make sure that at home it’s all ‘kosher’ and holy that at least the environment is ‘clean’ and when he says the name of the false one, you can defiantly explain to him ‘we don’t say that or believe in him’. Also when he signs, you can explain to him, even though you don’t think he understands, his soul hears it.

When one wants to overpower darkness, all he needs to do is increase light, so just make sure you are increasing light as much as possible and don’t worry, G-d knows and see’s everything and will not judge your kids for things that are beyond their ability.

With G-d’s help, very soon I am opening an on line academy for Noahides that we will teach everything you need to know, so stay tuned

Wishing you great success
Rabbi Alon Anava