How can I convert?

March 28, 2017 at 3:04 PM
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Krishna Ruballo asked 2 years ago

Please Submit the videos with subtitles in spanish.  We Would Thank you so much. I like judaism, listen to some  studies that you have with subtitles in Spanish, and I can not describe what it generates within me.

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 2 years ago


You can find videos with Spanish subtitles in this playlist or by clicking here

We also load Spanish posts on this facebook page or Click here

We hope very soon to launch our Spanish website where all the posts will be in Spanish along with Spanish subtitle videos, so stay tuned.

As for converting, you need to contact a local Rabbi close to where you live for help. If you don’t have a local Rabbi that can help, you might have to relocate to a city that has Rabbi’s that convert. Unfortuantly it’s not so simple.

Let me know if I can further help
All the best
Alon Anava