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December 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM
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Jason asked 8 months ago

Shalom Rav,
My question is centered around when one partner in a marriage is becoming more religious and the other partner is not and will not. I am recently married and all my life have had an affiliation and a desire to grow as an observant Jew. For many reasons i have always swayed back and forth and fallen many times. Now I again  am becoming more observant, and want to grow faster, however my wife does not really believe in the religion and is not interested to grow. She lights Shabbat candles (since meeting me) has started to fast and is in her way supportive of me growing as long as it does not effect her (keeping shabbos effects her).
What is one to do in this situation? I feel a sense of desperation because i know that Moshiach is coming soon, I know that i have much more to do and need to grow fast, but at the same time I believe Hashem puts you with person you meant to be with.
any help in this matter would be awesome.
We live in Israel on a kibbutz near Tiberias

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Rabbi Yosef Karpman answered 9 months ago

While god helps us to meet the potential right one we might choose to marry another so free will is always there.
As for getting your spouse to follow mitzvot it’s probably best to have her grow at her own pace after watching one of the nde experience videos here or other inspirational videos 
Remember free will is key.
best wishes 
——R.Yosef Karpman