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October 22, 2016 at 3:59 PM
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Jimmy asked 3 years ago

I am a goyim, and have just discovered Judaism, that notwithstanding I would like to observe the Shabbat. How should I observe the Shabbat? Are their any prayers similar to the Siddur that you could refer me to? If I do not find out about my past life how do know what I came back to fix? Any  other general advice for me to grow spiritually apart from listening to daily Torah teachings?

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 3 years ago


Non Jews are not obligated to observe the Shabbat and even are prohibited to do so. They are defiantly obligated to honor the Shabbat.

Prayers can be recited the same like Jews, even though you are not obligated to do so.

Most likely you won’t ever find out anything about your past life. I recommend you watch these videos

Is it possible to know our past?
How to fix Karet
Basic overview of Reincarnations
The journey of the soul

After you watch these videos I think it will give you a better view about what one needs to do and how to fix things. If it’s still not clear, let me know and I’ll help you more

As for growing spiritually, very soon with G-d’s help we are launching an on line academy for Noahides and converts where we will teach everything they need to know, so stay tuned for future notifications. This will help you a lot in your growth. In the mean time, yes, learn a lot of Torah and start refining your character traits which you can learn a lot about it in this series of lectures Introduction to Tikun Hamidot

Please feel free to ask any question you have. Good luck and success on your journey

Rabbi Alon Anava