Doubts in the existence of Hashem

August 26, 2016 at 4:43 PM
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Dear Rabbi Alon,

Your story captivates the mind and the heart of every human who listens to it; to fall to the lowest depths of being and begin the elevation of rising to the highest height one may reach.  My irrational part of my soul has absolutely no doubt of the existence of Hashem whilst my rational side sometimes has disappointing doubts when viewing the lowest of the low that the USA has sunk.

You share with the clarity of a man who has no doubts in your purpose now that you have found it in your life, a man that will continue to share this message to those still seeking.  Do you never have doubts of your purpose?  Does Hashem whisper into your ears and heart daily?  When you open your heart to the sound, does it ring loudly as you watch the terror which afflicts our people in Israel from those who survive and those who don’t?  And if everything we do and everything that we are is a gift from Hashem, how does one stay awake when clarity seems to come and go in a continual flow of G0D’s light?

With delight,
Devorah Chaia

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 3 years ago


Yes, I am very certain about my purpose and never have doubts, and yes, it is because Hashem whispers into my ears and heart daily. But I am not different from any other human, Hashem whisper into everyones ears and heart daily but the question is are you willing to listen? are you focus enough to hear? are you willing to accepts with no questions what G-d will tell you to do even though you don’t like it? and of course one needs to channel himself to be able to hear what Hashem says.

Yes, my heart rings loudly to the sound of my brothers and sisters being murdered. It doesn’t only ring but cry’s, hurt and morns

And in order for one to stay awake when there is no clarity, the only solution is to return to G-d and get attached again to the source cause only the separation and distance from the source (G-od) causes uncertainty and things to be nuclear.

Wishing you great success in your journey
Rabbi Alon Anava