October 19, 2016 at 6:24 PM
Joel Cohen asked 3 years ago

Shalom Rabbi Anava, First of all I would love to express my my upmost respect to you and the work you do I came across your lectures a couple of months ago and felt deeply touch by everything you have been lecturing about specially on your book how I know Mashiac is coming soon, I come from a Jewish father but he is not observant we grew up no religion my mom is Christian but I questioned to many things about it so I decided to make a conversion and went through Conservative I walk to Knesset, eat Kosher, pray 3 times a day mornings with minyan, Tephillin every day, study Talmud, Gemarah, but ever since I came across your videos and your website I got Immediately hooked and became attractive to Orthidox specially Hasidim started going to a Knesset but had a bad experience with another brother and upon request explained that I had a conversion through conservative he treated me so not Kosher let’s say but told me I was not Jewish cause I needed to do my symcha through Orthodoxy I feel a bit in conflicted cause I spent so much money time effort converting my hole family wife and son lost my previous job wanted to do Aliyah but if what this brother is telling me is 100% true I feel that I have thrown everything out the window for nothing I want to do everything the right way with a clean heart and glad conscience if I need to do everything all over again so be it but I just need some clearfication cause I love to do everything with Symcha not conflict and constricted spirit I await your answer thank you for being such an inspiration and a HUGE tool for Hashem many Brachas for you and those around you

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 3 years ago


Thank you for your kind words and it’s my pleasure if I can help.

First and most important to know is that everything that happens in your life is supervised by G-d and nothing happens by chance or mistake. So don’t feel you thrown everything out the window for nothing, rather that was one step in your journey you had to take.

It is true that conservative conversion in most cases are not valid and one needs to reconvert by an orthodox Rabbi and Beit Din. Therefore I would suggest to do a conversion again with an orthodox Rabbi to make sure it is done right, after all we are talking about your eternity and you want to make sure that you serve G-d how he wants you to do it.

I would also suggest to start considering making Aliya and completing your conversion in Israel.

Don’t get discouraged by this, I strongly believe and know that is the path you had to walk on, like a child that first learns to slowly walk before he can start running

Should you have any other questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact me again

I wish you great success
Rabbi Alon Anava