Benei Noaj laws and Shabbat

October 25, 2016 at 3:25 PM
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Brandon Collins asked 3 years ago

Dear Rabbi Alon Anava,
Hi, I am a goyim and wish to become a Noahide. And I have a question or tow. First, since Noah was born circumcise, should a righteous gentile also be circumcised by a rabbi? And if so should he keep shabbat or could he just honor Shabbat instead of keeping it since that covenant is only obligated to jews and gentiles who gentiles who convert and become jews? And second, can a Ger Toshav enter a synagogue to pray?
Thank you for you time Rabbi, and I will deeply appreciate your help.
Shalom & best regards,
Brandon Collins

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 3 years ago


Righteous gentiles are not obligated to be circumcised, but defiantly highly recommended!!

Righteous gentiles don’t have to observe (keep) Shabbat but defiantly must honor the Shabbat and assist as much as possible a Jew to observe it.

Gentiles that convert are not gentiles anymore, they are Jewish and therefore must keep Shabbat, a Noahide does not need to observe Shabbat.

Yes, Ger Toshav can enter a synagogue to pray.

Very soon we are launching an on line academy for Noahides where they can learn everything they need to know and get all their questions answered, so stay tuned for details

All the best
Rabbi Alon Anava