Are near death experiences real???

December 12, 2016 at 4:55 PM
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Abraham Jaimovich asked 3 years ago

im sure you know the story of this kid
Apparently we “saw” that obama was going to be last president and that mashiach was going to kill obama and burry him in israel. I dont doubt the child was telling what he saw.. But how accurate can we consider when we see your video about your experience.. perhaps many things wont happen as you guys see it… In my opinion its very late for us to consider what this kid saw as “authentic visions of the future” since trump is about to be the president…

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Rabbi Alon Anava answered 2 years ago


Sorry, but I did not watch the story about the kid who had a NDE (near death experience). I heard about it but did not take the time to watch it.

First and most important, I can not say if this boy’s story is real or not, I have not seen it, I don’t know the boy, and even if i would watch it, it would be impossible for me to know if he is saying the truth or not.

Also, weather he is saying the truth or not, does not (and should not) in any way effect my story. I know many people who had a NDE and are saying the truth and I know of many who claim they had a NDE and are clearly lying.

With this boy, I can only say, that there is always the option that G-d changes things based on his decision and one can vision something in a dream or a NDE and then G-d will change it for what ever reason he wants.

In my NDE i saw many things, but I am not saying anything that will happen in the future that I saw such as ‘Mashiach was going to kill obama and burry him in israel’ – like the kid says and other details from the future. I just share my experience and no true or false prophecies.

I hope this makes you see things a bit different

All the best
Alon Anava