Living the Dream – Parashat Noach

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“….Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons, and your son’s wives with you. Every living thing that is with you of all flesh, of fowl, and of animals and of all the creeping things that creep the earth, bring out with you…. (Bereishit 8:16 – 17)Rashi says – If they do not wish to come out, take them out…..

 ״….צא מן התבה אתה ואשתך ובניך ונשי בניך אתך: כל החיה אשר אתך מכל בשר בעוף ובבהמה ובכל הרמש הרומש על הארץ הוצא אתך….״ – בראשית ח, טז-יז

Parashat Noach

In his prophecies of the Messianic era, Yeshayahu (11:6) describes how “the wolf shall live with the lamb, and a leopard shall lie with a young goat…and a small child shall lead them…”

A similar atmosphere prevailed in Noach’s ark, where even the most fierce and predatory animals stayed confined in tiny quarters for an entire year, and were controlled by only Noach and his few family members! Chassidus explains that the extraordinary Divine revelation that was felt in the ark, comparable in nature to the revelations of the era of Moshiach, brought about peace between all the ark’s occupants. This remarkable feeling of G-d’s presence overwhelmed and changed the natures of the animals, causing even the ferocious animals of prey to become peaceful and approachable.

This explains why Noach was alerted that he might have to forcibly remove the animals! One would imagine that after spending a year cooped up in Noach’s ark the animals would be more than happy to leave! Yet, in fact, the ark’s cramped conditions set the stage for a taste of the utopian era of Moshiach, from which the animals were not at all eager to part.

—Likutei Sichos vol. 25, pp. 28-31


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