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“….Seek G-od when he is found, Call him when he is near……” (Yeshayahu 55:6)

״….דרשו ה׳ בהמצאו קראהו בהיותו קרוב….״ – ישעיהו נה׳, ו׳


The Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 18a) states that the time when “G-d is found” (which is thus the best time to “seek Him”) is the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Simply understood, this means that these days are propitious for prayer. However, the above quoted Rambam explains the “seeking G-d” cited here as a reference to teshuva, the return to G-d.

As a new year begins and one makes an honest reckoning of his spiritual life in the year that passed, he is certain to find many areas in his behavior, speech, or thoughts which were far from admirable. At best, they could definitely use improvement. Considering all his shortcomings one begins to wonder, “Who am I to approach G-d?” Am I at all suitable for a life of closeness to G-d?

To this the prophet responds that there is a time when G-d is “found”. A “find” is something that comes unexpectedly, unlike something which you earned and are therefore not surprised by its arrival. According to the Talmud, from Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur G-d is found: out of His love to the Jewish people, G-d makes Himself available and close even to those who in the past have not made any effort to find Him.

Upon discovering this undeserved approachability to G-d, the Jew is inspired to return to G-d in a manner that reflects this theme as well. He commits that for the coming year his attitude toward Torah and Mitzvos will no longer be one of waiting until it comes his way, like an object that one unknowingly happens upon, but something that he actively and aggressively seeks and pursues.

When G-d is found, we begin to seek.

Even though repentance and calling out [to G-d] are desirable at all times, in the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they are even more desirable and will be accepted immediately as is written: “Seek G-d when He is found.” —Rambam, Laws of Teshuva 2:6


—Likutei Sichos vol. 34, pp. 200-203

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