How can our soul see the past, present and future at the same time?

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  • Shayna Nash

    Life After Death is helping me cope with the death of my parents. I lost my Dad in May and my Mom this past July. I miss them sooo much. I miss my mom the most. I feel as if she was (is ) my soul mate. My daughter is too. But, she teaches in Thailand and my son lives in Israel. He has been in the IDF for 18 years. I am very proud of him. So, I am turning to Hashem for my companionship. It is working out well. I also go to the Planetarium almost every Saturday. It is so valid what you say about the sun. There are also many thousands of black holes, astroids and other dangers in the solar system that Hashem saves us from every minute of the day. It is impossible to be cognizant of all the danger that Hashem protects us from.One thing that I really appreciate is a principle (a law) that God created, called gravity. I enjoy being able to walk around on the ground and not floating in space. I do not want my muscles to go into atrophy from lack of exercise. I love walking and running. Also, something as pragmatic as reaching for the toothbrush would be so frustrating in space. Wearing adult diapers or trying to go to the bathroom is so difficult in space. I saw this documentary, about destiny in space and it was so challenging. I am just glad that my feet are on the ground. What about ETs? Do we as Jews believe that others exist on the planet that aren’t human? Or do I just spend to much time at the IMAX Theater watching, “Destiny in Space.”?

  • Conny

    That is beautiful to think of God wrapped into nature.

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